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Kore Films was founded by Mary Palaskonis and Lorena Jurado. They met in a photography darkroom class and have since traveled, collecting images that speak volumes of the poetry that exists in everyday. Together they started Kore Films to share their passion of capturing moments with others. They currently offer photography, videography and web design services as well as prints for sale in their shop! Mary is the videographer and editor and Lorena can help you build a pretty website.

Meet Mary

Mary Palaskonis has been taking pictures since she was 9 years old when her cousin Andy introduced her to the SLR professional camera. She became the family’s videographer at 12; filming vacation trips to Greece, village dances and the most memorable one of her grandfather dancing the Tsamiko, a Greek folk dance.

She pursued her passion at Columbia College in Chicago, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video. During her studies, she paused for 2 years to go backwards and study the still image, working in the darkroom and producing b&w photographs, while searching for originality.

Her relentless curiosity has cultivated an honest perspective and vision through the lens which she hopes will make people aware of the environment, diversity, culture and the immense beauty that exists in every day.

She likes to tell stories with images and it has never been about making someone or something look good only. She has a trained, professional, patient eye.

Meet Lorena

After college and with a business degree, Lorena needed a creative outlet, something essential to her everyday, so she took some b&w darkroom classes and this only heightened her love for photography and with her friends and family as models, she continues to take pictures. She does a lot of travel photography which combines two of her favorite things.

She is drawn to capturing emotion. She especially loves capturing the natural smile from an individual. She feels that it is when a person smiles, their inner beauty radiates the most and she loves capturing the lightness of being.

Meaning behind Kore

Mary’s interest in the name itself began when she read that in Ancient Greek Art, women statues were referred to as Kore. Kore (kor-ay), Greek for daughter, grew even more meaningful for its symbolism that women are a vehicle for change. The name embodies strength and hope, thus making it an appropriate name to represent her body of work.

Below is a short description borrowed from Britannica:

In Greek mythology, Kore also known as Persephone, was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Persephone was gathering flowers when she was seized by Hades, who carried her off to the underworld to make her his wife. On learning of the abduction, Demeter was so distraught that she allowed barrenness and famine to spread over the earth. Zeus commanded Hades to allow Persephone to return to her mother, but because she had eaten some (or, in some versions, just one) pomegranate seeds in the underworld, she had to remain one-third of the year with Hades, spending the other two-thirds with Demeter. This myth accounts for the change of the seasons and the annual cycle of growth and decay.

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